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The Media and its Impact on Our Lives

May 13, 2009

I was listening to Teresa Tomeo’s Catholic Connection program this morning, and in her  Two Cents segment she was discussing media impact again. (She has written several books on the topic.)

One of the interesting points, which I have heard before, was the repetition of the media on their pet issues. If they say a lie often enough the public begins to believe it as truth, and as a result an uninformed public begins to fall for the secular relativism of the day instead of the Truths that Jesus Christ taught us.

Teresa referred to a recent address by Archbishop Chaput of Denver where he said that we need to detox ourselves of the media in our lives. His suggestion is to turn off the media one night a week, turn off everything, and spend some time with our Lord and with our families.

We must focus our trust on the Lord and not on the media who feed us daily noise.

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