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Science & Faith

May 23, 2009

Al Kresta has had Dr. Francis Collins on his Kresta in the Afternoon radio program a few times this past week. Dr. Collins “established The BioLogos Foundation to address the escalating culture war between science and faith in the United States.”

On one end of the spectrum, “new atheists” argue that science removes the need for God. On the other end, religious fundamentalists argue that the Bible requires us to reject much of modern science. Many people – including scientists and believers in God – do not find these extreme options attractive.

BioLogos represents the harmony of science and faith. It addresses the central themes of science and religion and emphasizes the compatibility of Christian faith with scientific discoveries about the origins of the universe and life.  To communicate this message to the general public and add to the ongoing dialog, The BioLogos Foundation created  

BioLogos has compiled a list of frequently asked questions in the science/faith realm and provided responses of how faith and science can and do co-exist.

They have recently joined the social networking aspect of the internet and you can now follow BioLogos on Twitter and join their cause on Facebook.

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