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Papal Encyclicals

June 3, 2009

 Papal Encyclicals contains encyclicals and other papal documents from the popes of the last 800 years. It also contains the documents from all of the church councils. The Vatican also offers papal documents, they go back to the time of Pope Leo XIII (1878 – 1903).

Some examples of papal documents

  • Redemptoris Mater: Mother of the Redeemer: On the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Life of the Pilgrim Church (Pope John Paul II; March 25, 1987)
  • Grata Recordatio: On the Rosary: Prayer for the Church, Missions, International and Social Problems (Pope John XXIII; September 26, 1959)
  • Arcanum : On Christian Marriage (Pope Leo XIII; February 10, 1880)
  • Providentissimus Deus On the Study of Holy Scripture (Pope Leo XIII; November 18, 1893)
  • Spesse Volte On the Suppression of Catholic Institutions (Pope Leo XIII; August 5, 1898)
  • Consueverunt Romani  Call to Prayer (Pope St. Pius V; September 17, 1569)
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