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The Book of Tobit

June 5, 2009
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In this 9th week of ordinary time, the first readings are from the Book of Tobit. It started out on Monday where Tobit wants to share his fine festival dinner with a poor kinsman. He sends his son out to find someone to partake of his meal, and his son instead finds a poor kinsman murdered and just left in the street. Tobit retrieves the body and then buries it after sunset. Tobit’s neighbors mock him for burying the dead.

Why did his neighbors mock him for burying the dead? The reading for Monday omits most of the first chapter of Tobit, and it is there that you get the background for his story. Tobit had been deported to Nineveh and the king there killed many Israelites and he either left them dead in the streets or threw their bodies outside the walls of the city. Being a good Jew, Tobit would bury them. Tobit is a nice story with good morals.

Tobit is one of the seven books that the Protestants removed from the Bible, because it was one of the OT books that was originally written Greek. In reviewing the Intro for Tobit in the NAB, it turns out that fragments of the Book of Tobit were found among the Dead Sea Scrolls recovered from Cave IV in Qumran. These fragments were written in Aramaic and Hebrew.

The Jewish Encyclopedia goes into detail about the various revisions of the book, as well as discussing the possible time period for the story.

One addition, the Catholic Answers Forum has a thread discussing Typology in the Book of Tobit. If you are looking to see what other people are saying about the book or want to participate in the discussion click on the link.

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