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Applause during Mass – NOT!!

June 10, 2009

I found this blog post on Fr. Z’s blog:

An important liturgical message from Cardinal Ratzinger – now Pope Benedict XVI

“Wherever applause breaks out in the liturgy because of some human achievement, it is a sure sign that the essence of liturgy has totally disappeared and been replaced by a kind of religious entertainment. ” (Spirit of the Liturgy p. 198)

This message has been brought to you by Sober Inebriation Weblog.

If you should encounter applause during Mass in your parish do not panic. Immediately after Mass go out and get a copy of Pope Benedict’s book “The Spirit of the Liturgy” by Ignatius Press and give it to your pastor as a gift. Be sure to highlight the above passage on page 198. Yellow highlighter works really, really well.

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  1. June 11, 2009 11:24 pm

    Applause during Mass is one of those absurd and irreverent things that people think is something good. But as the Holy Father points out, it destroys the sacred character of the liturgy. People think they need to show their appreciation, or that they care, or that they like something … but all of that is totally irrelevant. I think the worst part is when priests, who should be totally focused on the offering of Mass, enjoy the applause and revel in it. They should, instead, frown on such things. They need to get serious about worshipping God as He deserves — and so do the faithful, of course.
    The Spirit of the Liturgy is a brilliant book and if more priests read it we would see massive changes for the better throughout the Church. If anyone does buy it to distribute, as suggested, make sure to follow up with the pastor and ask how he liked reading it.

  2. bill permalink
    September 17, 2010 11:50 am

    yeah…stupid people showing gratitude and appreciation at a Eucharistic celebration….wait….doesn’t “eucharist” mean “give thanks?” Type A, pharisaical people are so cute when their orderly little world is upset. In fact, I heard they once got so upset about their religious control being disrupted that they nailed a guy to a cross.
    Seriously, I agree that during the liturgy there is no precedent in our tradition for regular applause/clapping, and as a music minister I would immediately discourage that. Only time I have seen applause is in special circumstances as an affirmation. the few times it has happened, and people have come up to say something, it was out of appreciation for helping them feel closer to God through the music, not that they were entertained.
    Remember, the only folks that got the “woes” from Jesus and were called snakes and vipers were the religious control freaks, not the temple musicians.
    I heard of one parish where the music directer announced each song with “and now for our next number…..” Yikes.

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