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Mysteries of the Rosary – The Visitation

June 22, 2009

Elizabeth said, who am I that the mother of my Lord should come to visit me?  (Luke 1:43) And likewise, who are we, that the mother of Our Lord should come to visit us, in both the approved and unapproved apparitions of Our Lady? Mary visited her cousin Elizabeth shortly after the angel spoke to her at the Annunciation. She travelled quite a distant from Nazareth to Ein Kerem, which is just out side of Jerusalem. She is still travelling the world to visit us.

Our Blessed Mother has been appearing to us throughout the ages, providing us with guidance, sending us warnings, telling us to pray for conversions, and so on. Many of us hear her call, but so many more of us do not. Our Lady of America is calling us to reform our lives, to help her lead the world back to Faith and Purity. She is concerned about the state of our souls.

Let us get to Jesus through Mary. Let us follow the guidance of Our Blessed Mother. Let us not ignore her any longer, our souls are dependent on it.

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