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Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread – Part 2

June 30, 2009

I already have quite a few examples for receiving Our Daily Bread in my first post by the same name, but moments after I hit publish more ideas came into my head. One of the main ones that I forgot was the Magnificat monthly magazine. I have been getting the Magnificat for about two years. It’s great! It has morning and evening and night prayers, all of the readings and prayers for the daily mass, a reflection on the gospel, and a brief biography on a saint. What is really cool about this magazine are the little reflections in the morning and evening prayers and how all of it all ties together to give me a better understanding of the spiritual message of the day. I highly recommend this publication.

Reading about Today’s Saint also encourages spiritual growth. Our Church has so many saints that we can look to for guidance on ways to follow Jesus. Many times we can find a saint that is a perfect fit to our situation in life. Other times it is encouraging just to see their struggles and it gives us hope that we can overcome our own struggles. In addition to the links in my Today’s Saint post there are many books on saints. There are compilations and encyclopedias, biographies, books authored by saints. I have recently learned something about the canonization process of the saints. There are four different stages or levels on the way to sainthood; servant of God, venerable, blessed, and finally saint. When a person becomes a saint, or is canonized, that means that their name can be mentioned in the Eucharistic prayer at Mass. “May he make us an everlasting gift to you and enable us to share in the inheritance of your saints, with Mary, the virgin Mother of God; with the apostles, the martyrs, Saint____, and all your saints, on whose constant intercession we rely for help.” Appeal to the saints to grow in holiness just like they did.

The Bible!! Daily Bread for sure. Just pick one up and start reading. Most people don’t recommend reading it cover to cover.  Maybe start with Luke and then read Genesis and then one of Paul letters. The choice is yours. There are also Catholic Daily Bibles such as My Daily Catholic Bible: Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition 20-Minute Daily Readings or Daily Prayer Companion: A Catholic Guide to Reading and Praying the Bible.

Again, pick one, two or a few to do daily. Just do!

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