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July 5, 2009 offers news, homilies, entertainment and other Catholic content. It wants to be a Catholic pulpit on the Internet. You are warmly invited to collaborate. The easiest way to do so is to produce your own video and to upload it to Film homilies or religious events in your own parish, or elsewhere. Talk Catholic to the world. will also become your personal pulpit. Also, you are invited to integrate the videos published on into your personal homepage, too.


The above is from the About Us page of the website which is an international Catholic (and Orthodox) YouTube. But it is more than just videos. They accept video, pictures, audio, and text uploads of anything Catholic. You can even upload homilies and events from your parish in the Parish folder. You can also indicate in your registration information if you are searching for a spouse; they’ll offer online dating, but the link is currently inactive. When you register for membership, instead of being called members or users or posters, etc., the membership is referred to as souls – in the image and likeness of God.

You can get Catholic news from all over the world here, such as Russian Catholics euphoric over rare ordinations. They have various media on the Pope and from the Vatican, and media covering Catholic interviews, homilies, talks, catechesis, liturgy, prayer, vocations, testimonies, pro-life, Mary, the saints, family, youth, kids, music and fun. If you find a clip that you want to share with your friends or whomever, they offer links to every networking site in the world to make your task a bit easier.

Take a look around the site and see what you can find.

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  1. July 16, 2009 6:49 pm

    Hi every1

    I like Your site. It is very interesting. Do You have RSS I want to add to my favorites.
    Let me know when it will be ready. Kee it UP.
    See You around Szczecin Hotele

    • catholicwideweb permalink
      July 17, 2009 1:35 pm

      the feed link is at the top of the page. wordpress says they automatically work for their blogs….. thanks for visiting my blog!!

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