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Fr. Z on In Charity and Truth

July 10, 2009

Here are the first few posts by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf on Pope Benedict’s newest encyclical, In Charity and Truth.

This was Fr. Z’s first post on the encyclical – An important paragraph in “Caritas in veritate.”

Fr. Z found a few articles on the encyclical in L’Osservatore Romano.  One of them offers helpful tidbits for reading it. See Encycli-bites for reading “Caritas in veritate.”

Then Fr. Z asks Why does Pope Benedict talk about Humanea vitae in the new encyclical? It all goes back to the sanctity of human life.

Fr. Z has another post, WSJ: notes from Fr. Sirico on “Caritas in veritate” in which he suggests the Wall Street Journal article as a good intro for the Pope’s encyclical. Fr. Sirico discusses the papal document stating that our economy and market troubles are not a result of the tools and methods used, but the result of a lack of “truth-filled charity” on the part of the people driving the markets.

In the post, US House’s GOP leadership on “Caritas in veritate” Fr. Z says Rep. Boehner and Rep. McCotter “are in contact with the right people” and have a good understanding of this encyclical.

You can find the link to the encyclical with in my first post on the subject.


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