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Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary

July 11, 2009

This Monday, July 13th, is one of the nine opportunities in the year to begin the 33-day preparation for Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary as outlined by St. Louis Marie de Montfort. The Station of the Cross radio station out of Buffalo, NY has said that Fr. Corapi has agreed to lead those that are attending the Conference in Buffalo on August 15th, which is on the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in the final prayer of the Consecration. Station of the Cross radio has a website to assist you in this prayer. Each of the 33 days has Total Consecration Prayers that need to be prayed. Each day has a purpose, then a Gospel reading and then a number of prayers.

Total Consecration to Mary “consists in surrendering oneself in the manner of a slave to Mary, and to Jesus through her, and then performing all our actions with Mary, in Mary, through Mary, and for Mary” (St. Louis de Montfort, The Secret of Mary, No. 28). It is also known as “True Devotion to Mary,” “Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary,” and “Holy Slavery.”  (from Total Consecration to Mary) also has pages to help you practice this devotion. They even have St. Louis Marie de Montfort’s book, True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary on their website.

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