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CNA: Caritas In Veritate a ‘roadmap’ for business professionals, Catholic business writer says

July 14, 2009

Catholic News Agency has a good article on the business application of Caritas in veritate (In Charity and Truth). Karen Walker, founder of the Catholic Business Journal, was interviewed for this article:

“Quite simply, Caritas In Veritate gives us what has always been the roadmap for all of humanity, yet in a manner that is immediately useful and practical for the pressing issues of our day!” she told CNA.

“He brings light to bear on issues of social justice, environmental concerns, profit-making, private-public partnerships and so forth. But he does not stop there.

“He shows us, repeatedly, that each of these issues can be, and often are, easily twisted to serve purely human ends in order to manipulate or coerce a body of people against their free will, or to deceive or prevent people against pursuing their highest and truest good. And in every case, Pope Benedict brings us back to the reality of human existence – we are creatures, we can only find our ultimate end, fulfillment, satisfaction and purpose in God. This defines everything we do.”

In essence, all of our dealings within every human scenario must consider and use charity and truth.

“If an authentic understanding of God and of our highest human purpose is left out of the equation in a decision, mission, strategy or policy, then something is fundamentally wrong and dangerous,” Walker concluded.

“On the other hand, if an authentic understanding of God and of our highest human purpose is pre-eminent, then a political structure, corporate entity, decision, or social solution has value beyond itself and all will benefit and all will be better for it.”

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