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Fr. Corapi: We’re at War!

July 30, 2009

Teresa Tomeo, host of Ave Maria Radio’s Catholic Connection show, interviewed Father John Corapi in her national hour segment today. He discussed his conference in Buffalo, NY, which is in August, and he talked about the End Game. (He has a talk on this topic available on his website.) Today’s Catholic Connection program is available on podcast here (look for July 30th).

Church attendance is dropping; about 80% of Catholics do not attend Mass. And of the 20% that do attend Mass, most don’t know their faith very well. Fr. Corapi gave adult Catholics an 8th grade catechism quiz a while back and the average score was 42%! Father says we are at war. The devil’s attacks on mankind have intensified in the last century. The devil is working overtime to make us think that he doesn’t exist, because if he “doesn’t exist” then we won’t fight back. HE DOES EXIST!! WE NEED TO FIGHT BACK!!

The devil is working hard to destroy the priesthood which in turn will destroy the Eucharist. Destroy the shepherd, scatter the flock. We are severely scattered in this day and age. We need good priests, Fr. Corapi says. Pray for our priests that they may withstand the attacks of the devil and be holy shepherds showing us the way of Christ. Fr. Corapi also said that many of our popes’ encyclicals (past and present) are very prophetic. Pope Paul VI wrote Humanae Vitae (On the Regulation of Human Births) in 1968. It clearly outlined the culture of death that we are in the midst of right now. When it was published many bishops and priests rejected it which is part of our problem today.

What can we do? We can all strive for personal holiness. Yes, you can do it! It may take baby steps and set backs, but you must (we all must) persevere. In last Friday’s meditation in the Magnificat, they had a passage from The Book of Steps (Syriac literature from the 4th century) on “Being the Good Soil.”  It said:

Let it be a law for ourselves… that we should run after perfection.

… So once we have heard the Word which summons us to the way of life of our Lord and of his heralds, let us come and allow ourselves to be made perfect; let us set as a law for ourselves their imitation, saying, Why do we not become like them, seeing that they themselves are like us? Let us listen to Paul who says, ” I have despised all that is visible,” ” and I consider as dung all the gain” (Phil 3:8) that will remain behind (sc. when I die), and not accompany me to that world of truth and of glory. “Become like me” (Phil 3:17), for I too was like you.

You see that, if we want, we shall become like Paul.

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