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The Catholicism Project

August 8, 2009

A trailer for The Catholicism Project shows the Catholic Church to have an exciting, worldwide history. The Project delves into the artistic, architectural, and beauty of Catholicism. They want use technology to evangelize and present Catholicism from the Catholic point of view.

Discover the rich heritage of the Catholic Church in an epic media experience. Word on Fire Catholic Ministries and Father Robert Barron offer a vision of the Catholic Faith, which has never before been seen. This vision seeks to explore, through a global journey, the living culture of the Catholic Church. From the lands of the Bible, to the great shrines of Europe, to the shores and heartland of America, to the mysteries of Asia, to the rich landscapes of Latin America, to the beating heart of Africa – and beyond, witness the passion and glory of the faith that claims over a billion of the earth’s people as its own. Ten-part series for release on TV and DVD: Fall 2010.

The ten episodes give you a virtual pilgrimage through the history of the Church. Episode 1: “Amazed and Afraid – The Revelation of God Become Man” – Who is Jesus Christ? Episode 2: “Happy are We – The Teachings of Jesus.” Episode 3: “That Which Nothing Greater can be Thought – The Ineffable Mystery of God.” Episode 4: “Our Tainted Nature’s Solitary Boast – Mary, the Mother of God.” Episode 5: “To the Ends of the Earth – Peter, Paul and the Missionary Adventure.” Episode 6: “A Body Both Suffering and Glorious – The Mystical Union of Christ and the Church.” Episode 7: “Word Made Flesh, True Bread of Heaven – The Mystery of the Church’s Sacrament and Worship.” Episode 8: A Vast Company of Witnesses – The Communion of Saints.” Episode 9: “The Fire of His Love – Prayer and the Life of the Spirit.” Episode 10: “World without End – The Last Things.”

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