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More on the Fr. Corapi Conference

August 17, 2009

This blogger has a good article on the conference. He was on the main floor and was much closer to the action on the stage. He also has a good commentary on the protestors outside the arena.

So then we arrived at HSBC Arena about 7:30, half an hour before the first sermon. My seat was about 45 feet from the stage, looking down upon it. Looking around at the people flooding in I recalled the number of attendees which “Miss Georgia” told me: 19,000 people. Yes, 19,000 people. Now, I forgot to mention that there was a throng of Bible-thumping Protestants outside, trying to convert this army of 19,000 Catholics. I mean, really? You really think you’re going to convert a Catholic who is going to the Fr. Corapi Conference? Poor misguided souls. The Catholic reaction to the cries of “only the Lord has authority, only the Lord is reverent” was either laughing, indifference or yelling back, “Yeah, and that’s why you guys should come in and listen to our padre!”

I do think his numbers are a little over estimated though. I did a rough count of the priests and deacons at the conference and I got 70-ish. I just did a manual count on the picture of the stage during Mass (in the previous post) and I counted 77. Cleansing Fire bloggist’s estimate was “nearly 200” priests and that didn’t include the deacons and seminarians. None the less it is a good article. And there were a lot of children present, as the blogger also states. There was a family of about eight kids sitting behind us, and lots of strollers all around.

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