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Fr. Corapi’s Lord and Giver of Life DVDs

August 25, 2009

Father John Corapi’s website is taking preorders for the Lord and Giver of Life Conference sermons. The expected ship date is tomorrow, Aug 26th. CD’s are $39 and DVD’s are $45.

This is a presale item. Estimated shipping date is August 26th.
The powerful conference Father Corapi just preached in Buffalo New York!

Note: If you order other product with this order, it will be shipped at the same time the conference video/audio ships.
Part One is on the Person and Power of the Holy Spirit, Lord and Giver of Life. In this presentation I’ll speak about the Holy Spirit as personified love, the Spirit of Truth, and the power of God that created the entire universe, and holds it in being.

Part Two is entitled “The Gift Who Contains All Gifts.” If the world lacks peace, prosperity, or anything else that is good, it is because it lacks the Holy Spirit. This happens one person at a time. The Holy Spirit is there, but individuals are not open and well disposed to receive the Spirit of Love and Truth, hence the world begins to sink into hell under the weight of its sins. The Holy Spirit is the remedy.
Part Three is based on the Scripture passage from Acts 5:27-32: “The Holy Spirit is given to those that obey Him.” Conversely, the Holy Spirit is not given to those that disobey Him. The gifts that are absolutely essential for peace, happiness, and prosperity come from the Holy Spirit. Without them there will be no peace, no happiness, and no prosperity. Leaders, whether of families or nations, that have no wisdom, knowledge, understanding, counsel, etc. cannot lead well. Hence, the state of the nation, the world, and so many families today.
The final presentation will be based on 2 Timothy 1:7: “The Spirit we have been given is no cowardly (timid) Spirit, but rather a Spirit of power, love, and self control.” We have observed entirely too much cowardice operating in the world, and even in the Church in modern times. Why? Because the Holy Spirit is lacking in individuals—not that the Holy Spirit has gone away, but because individuals have shut Him out through sin and disobedience. It is time for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. This happens one person at a time.

The four sermons are entitled: 1. Theology of the person and power of the Holy Spirit 2. The Gift who contains all Gifts 3. “The Holy Spirit is given to those that obey!” 4. “The Spirit we have is no cowardly spirit!”

Length: approx. 4 hours

Now everyone can “be there” or if you were there on Aug. 15th you can relive the experience.

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