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Adult Faith Formation – Continued

October 9, 2009

A while back I reviewed and outlined the adult faith formation pastoral plan from the USCCB (see tab above). It is a great plan, it covers every aspect of faith formation, but it involves a very dedicated parish and staff. And, well, everybody seems to be too busy with other things, at least in my neck of the woods.

But, on a happy note, we can do our own Faith Formation! It’ll take time and effort, but we would need to do that anyways if our church had an adult faith formation program. And no matter how good the church’s program is the bottom line still goes back to how much we put into learning our faith. Faith is a relationship with God, and just like any earthly relationship we have to work at it. And the earthly relationships don’t just happen overnight either. We need to spend time with God, and we do that with prayer and reading Scripture.

I read my monthly Magnificat magazine. To me, that is where I spend my time with God. It is scripture and prayer and some meditations and insights that help me to comprehend the day’s scripture. The Magnificat is a little expensive, but I really like it. Basically what I am saying is we need to find a way (a tool, of sorts) to spend time with God each and every day. Listen to Him in the Word. As our relationship with God grows so does our faith formation. God will direct us if we are open to His direction, to His Will. So start slow, pray and spend a little time with Scripture each day. Gradually increase that time with God to at least an hour a day. It may seem like a lot, but the reward is great.

This coming Sunday’s readings are from the Book of Wisdom, the Letter to the Hebrews and the Gospel according to Mark. The focus is the gift of Wisdom. Spending time with the Word of God allows us to see what is really important in life, it shows us the way. Pray that God gives us His gift of Wisdom. It is the key to our personal faith formation.

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