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Today’s RCIA Session

January 31, 2010

In today’s session I had the students. The girl is 15. She usually doesn’t have much to say. I have never been able to tell if she was “getting it.” Well today that all changed (and it was also my final session with her, since the rest leading up to the vigil will be handled by the RCIA director).

I was going over the lesson plan that you can find in my previous post. The essence of the lesson was our identity as Christian prophets and the missionary spirit. I gave her many opportunities to discuss today’s readings, and I mostly received the usual “I don’t know” or “give me an example of what you are looking for.”

Then we got to the second reading. In mass it was read by a student because we are celebrating Catholic Schools Week. In our session I let the girl read the passage from First Corinthians. I explained that there is only one word for “love” in the English language, while there are at least three words for love in the Greek language. (This site explains the four words for love in Greek: eros, storge, philia, agape.) So we usually get confused by the meaning of love which is used so often in the New Testament.

The love of the Bible is agape, I told her. We are to want the best for those around us. And something clicked in her and she told me that the second reading really struck a cord with her today. She has a lot of confusion and frustrations and dealings with friends right now, and St. Paul’s writings gave her some insight on how to deal with some aspects of her life right now. She just talked and talked. It was good to see her work through her life struggles and turn to Christ and the Bible for guidance, and listening to God speak to her through His Word.

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