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Catholic Survey

February 10, 2010

What kind of Catholic are you? Are you a cradle Catholic? A Catholic convert? Thinking about becoming a Catholic? A former Catholic? A fallen-away Catholic?

Do you go to Mass every Sunday? Do you attend Mass as often as you can? Do you pray daily? Do you go to confession regularly? How often do you converse with Jesus? Do you love your neighbor as yourself?

How often do you read the Bible? Do you own a Catechism or at least know where to find it on-line?

Do you listen to Catholic radio? Or watch EWTN? Do you read about the saints? Who is your favorite saint?

Do you know who your bishop is? Do you know what the USCCB is?

Are you a student of the faith? Are you a catechist? Do you think you should actively studying the faith “forever”?

And on and on. Please leave a comment or just think about your faith, taking it to a deeper level. Many of us are very active in one way or another in our faith. Many of us are just fulfilling an obligation. I guess the main question is how much do you love Jesus and what are you willing to do for Him?

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