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Daily Lenten Reflections

February 24, 2010

Many Catholic websites and publications offer daily reflections to assist you on your Lenten journey. It is just one week since Ash Wednesday, if you haven’t already choosen a reflection for yourself, now is a great time to start.

EWTN has a Lenten calendar on-line where you can click on the day to reflect on a Biblical passage and the day’s reflection. Each day also has a Lenten question or fact and an action for you to perform and a closing prayer. Today’s fact is “The original period of Lent was 40 hours. It was spent fasting to commemorate the suffering of Christ and the 40 hours He spent in the tomb. In the early 3rd century, Lent was lengthened to 6 days. About 800 AD it was changed to 40 days.”

On their calendar page, EWTN also has links to the Holy Father’s 2010 Lenten Message, the rules for fast and abstinence, and the Stations of the Cross that were written by Mother Angelica.

UPDATE: While this post is dated 2010, EWTN still maintains their Lenten calendar each year.

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