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Three Weeks and No New Bishop Signatures, What’s Up With That?

March 3, 2010

It’s been three weeks since I last added a new name to my Catholic Bishops that have Signed the Manhattan Declaration post.  Three weeks!!

The first 6 weeks of the year we saw new signatories at a pretty steady clip, and now it’s just stopped. What happened? Are the remaining 389 U.S. Catholic bishops too busy? Have they read the declaration and decided not to sign it? Do they not know about the Manhattan Declaration?

I read and signed the declaration a month or so ago. It is an awesome document. It outlines the Christian position on life, marriage and religious liberty beautifully. While I realize we will always have those  who disagree with the Christian position, those of us that do agree with the Christian position should all join together in solidarity and sign this declaration. If you are still sitting on the fence about the three main issues of this call of Christian conscience, I highly recommend you spend some time reading it. It is very clear in its message. It doesn’t bash anyone, it just outlines the natural law. Ask God to be with you when you read it, he will help you to see that it is a good thing for America that we join together on these issues.

Update 3/29/10 – The MD website has been updated and the signatories of bishops are no longer available.

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