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Saved by Faith and Tears for Those Who Don’t Believe

June 1, 2010

In my spiritual readings over the last few days I kept coming across “saved by faith” passages. And every time I do I feel sadness for one friend in particular, and most atheists/agnostics in general. They have “thrown away” their salvation! Some are belligerent about it and so there is less sadness for them, but others just don’t know. I know our God is a gracious God, and if they turn to Him even in the final moment of their lives here on earth God will save them. But let’s not wait until the final breath! I pray that God showers them with the gift of faith.

A while ago my friend said something that has stuck with me. At the height of the Da Vinci Code excitement, before the movie came out, said friend said that the Bible is just a story. Which in turn I deduced to mean that it had no merit for a belief in God. Well, today at Adoration I came across another saved by faith passage (1 Corin 1:20-24) and together with Psalm 90 I received this thought:

The Bible’s story of Salvation, including the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, is indeed a story, just as each of our lives is a story. While we do have characters throughout history who’s stories continue to be told, for most of us though, our stories will sputter and fade away with our death or the deaths of our grandchildren.  Jesus’ story will never be forgotten, in fact, to this day we have people being martyred because of his story.

And so I wonder, with all of the information available today, why do these people not believe? Are they just belligerent? Or have they had their hearts hardened like the Pharaoh in Exodus?

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