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Prayers Needed for Melanie Pritchard, Catholic Speaker

July 29, 2010

From Living Gracefully:

By Chris Faddis, publisher of


Melanie Pritchard, Catholic speaker, Pro-Life Educator, Chastity speaker, and a true woman of God is in critical condition after giving birth to her second child. During labor there were complications and Melanie was rushed into an emergency C-section. During the C-section Melanie’s heart stopped beating. The baby was born and is doing great. But Melanie’s condition is very serious. She has now had surgery on her heart and while she is stable on machines, is not recovering well. They are now transporting her to the Mayo Clinic and putting her on specialized equipment.

Who is Melanie Pritchard?

Melanie would probably first tell you that she is Doug’s wife and a mother of two who seeks to be sure her children always know their incredible worth. But Melanie is also a powerful force for changing lives. She is a chastity speaker, a Pro-Life Educator and advocate, she is a game changer in the Church. She has created movements in Phoenix that have truly changed lives. She’s educated many young people in defending life and standing up for truth, she has trained other young people to teach Chastity and she is personally responsible for guiding many to live lives of Chastity and even to keep their children. On top of that she is an incredible friend to many which has been testified to by the outpouring of prayer that is being spread throughout Phoenix and across the country through Twitter and Facebook.

Melanie’s work with Arizona Right to Life, her creation of Refuge Clothing, and her many projects to educate and rally young people for Life and Chastity are truly legendary. She most recently founded Foundation for Life and Love in Phoenix to offer speakers and education programs on many topics related to Pro-Life and the Theology of the Body.

Where two or more are gathered in my name…

The outpouring of prayer and support has been incredible and awe-inspiring. Since 3pm EDT when I first learned of this there have been hundreds of Twitter and Facebook updates posted, and hundreds of responses of prayers offered. Two parishes in the Phoenix Diocese hosted prayer vigil’s for Melanie tonight and many more prayed from their homes. I also heard from Lisa Wheeler of the Maximus Group, that the Theology of the Body Congress paused to pray for Melanie tonight after Dr. Janet Smith’s talk during the main session. Yes, many are gathered in Jesus’ name on Melanie’s behalf!

I’m personally begging you to get on your knees and pray for Melanie and her family. Chastity Speaker and friend, Mary Beth Bonnacci, offered this suggestion today, “My friend Julie Alexander, also a passionate defender of life, came back from a should-have-been-fatal heart emergency, through the intercession of John Paul II. I’m going to start praying for his intercession!”

It is fitting that Melanie, who has been so inspired and guided by John Paul II’s teachings and writings would deserve his intercession and prayers. So I ask you to pray and continue praying, asking venerable John Paul the Great to pray for Melanie and to intercede on her behalf. I’m hoping and praying that this LivingGracefully community will come together in sincere prayer for this holy woman of God and for her wonderful husband Doug and their children. We are hoping and praying for a miracle and ultimately asking God’s grace in this situation.

“Let us confidently approach the throne of Grace to receive mercy and to find grace for timely help.” – Hebrews 4:16


11:30 pm (Arizona Time) 7/28/10 – Kemi Ndolo (Bass player of the Matt Maher Band, and childhood friend of Melanie’s husband Doug) posted: “Just left the hospital, Melanie is doing better. Still needs lot’s and lot’s of prayers. Gabriella is gorgeous and healthy. Doug is staying strong and Positive.”

9:42 am (AZ Time) 7/29/10 Mark Hart, Vice-President of LIFE TEEN and long time friend of Melanie’s posted to Twitter: “Melanie was stable through the night. She’s heading back into surgery soon. Keep the prayers coming, please!”

10:07 am (AZ Time) 7/29/10 – Word is that Melanie was weaned off of sedation this morning to see how “neurologically intact” she was and woke up and began reaching for Doug and crying. She was trying to get out of bed. Her lungs and heart have improved and she is now headed in for another surgery. – GOD IS GOOD! – Keep those prayers coming as she is not out of the water yet. This is the first major sign of improvement.

1pm (AZ Time) 7/29/10 – Brooke Burns, long time friend of Mel’s and collaborator at the Foundation for Life and Love with Melanie posted this great news on Facebook: “I just want to pass along some GREAT news regarding Melanie. She is out of surgery… and is in stable condition. This morning, she responded to Doug’s voice with tears and attempting to pull her tubes out…a real fighter :) She is now heavily sedated and as we know more we will pass on more. THANK YOU for your prayers…keep them coming. She and her family need them now…so don’t let up!”

I’ve also been told that she recognized her mother’s voice. Things are most definitely improving. Thank you to everyone for your continued prayers and outpouring of love and support. It has been incredible to see the response from all over the country and world. – Chris

5PM (AZ TIME) 7/29/10 – Kemi Ndolo just posted this update to Facebook with a request for specific prayers: “Pray for a very exhausted husband and father, Doug. Melanie is at one hospital, Gabriella is at another Hospital and Brady is away from both parents for now. Doug is beyond physical and emotional exhaustion, but he’s staying strong for his family. A facebook page and website will be up soon where you can support them with cards, financially, and with prayers. Help spread the word.” I’ll post a Facebook page link as soon as I have it. -CF


Please continue to share this story and ask for prayers. If you use Twitter, please use the Hashtag #prayformelanie to help the news be spread more effectively. You can follow updates from twitter by clicking here.

**I will continue to post updates as I receive them online or through friends who have been keeping me posted.

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