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cnews – Prayers still needed!! – Baby Joseph’s fate in doubt

February 22, 2011

By Joe Belanger and Jonathan Sher, QMI Agency

LONDON, Ont. — Staff at a London, Ont., hospital may be ordered to remove a breathing tube from Baby Joseph to let him die – even if a Michigan hospital asks he be moved there, a London, Ont., official said Monday.

London Health Sciences Centre took a crucial step needed Monday to remove 13-month-old Joseph Maraachli from life-support and asked Ontario’s Public Guardian and Trustee to consent.

Such a request typically takes days to process: A trustee would be obligated to follow the direction of a London, Ont., judge, and the Consent and Capacity Board to give consent to removing life-support.

That seeming inevitability left family and supporters of Baby Joseph hoping for a transfer elsewhere — hospital officials here faxed about 1,000 pages of medical records to the hospital that cared for Joseph last year, Children’s Hospital of Michigan in Detroit.

The father of Baby Joseph, Moe Maraachli, expressed hope Monday that his baby will, after a long battle, be transferred to another hospital or be able to spend his last moments at home.

“We hope to bring Joseph home and give him a chance, like any human being, to fight for his life and to die with the love of his family around him,” Moe Maraachli said at a media conference Monday.

A London, Ont., court last week said there was enough evidence for a medical tribunal to back London, Ont., doctors, who found Joseph would not recover from a vegetative state brought on by a neurological disease.

That position has been challenged by a network of activists seeking to find ways to bring Joseph to another hospital.

But Monday an official at LHSC said that even if the Detroit hospital seeks a transfer, there’s no guarantee it would be granted.

Instead hospital officials will seek guidance from the Public Guardian, said Laurie Gould, the vice-president for women and children’s clinical services in London, Ont.

If the Public Guardian is silent about a transfer, officials at LHSC would still debate the issue before making a decision, she said.

That uncertainty will no doubt make more challenging a push by activists across Canada and the United States who are trying to find a hospital willing to give Baby Joseph a second chance.

Many hospitals have been approached, most American and one Canadian, but at the forefront is the one in Detroit that is minutes from Maraachli’s Windsor, Ont., home and a place where he was a patient for a month last year.

London, Ont., hospital officials say they’ve faxed medical records to Detroit and are awaiting an official response.

But an e-mail to a representative of the Maraachli family suggests at least one neurologist in Detroit has recommended a transfer.

“On the recommendation of our neurologist, Dr. Jiang, we have agreed to accept Joseph Maraachi in transfer from Children’s Hospital London Health Science Center once arrangements can be made this coming week,” wrote a Detroit hospital official in an e-mail to the spokesperson for the family, Sam Sansalone.

Sansalone later explained that the e-mail was sent Sunday evening at a time when doctors in Detroit were struggling to get medical records from London, Ont.

Sansalone believes mistakes were made in the medical assessments in London, Ont., and said Baby Joseph is not in a persistent vegetative state.

Gould disputed his claim, saying nine medical specialists agreed Joseph would not recover or improve. She said the hospital had co-operated with Detroit.

Support for Baby Joseph was also shown in London, Ont., Monday when people braved frigid weather outside the London, Ont., hospital to hold a vigil.

Joseph’s parents had fought the removal of life-support, and when the hospital sought the legal authority to do so, pleaded for doctors to perform a tracheotomy that might allow them to try to take their son home.

While the Detroit hospital has garnered the attention, other hospitals have been approached by family and supporters, Sansalone said.

The family is also being aided in its fight by Alex Schadenberg, president of the Euthanisia Prevention Coalition, who said the doctors and the courts “have gone too far” in the case.

“This family wasn’t asking for extraordinary medical treatment,” said Schadenberg, who contacted new lawyer, Mark Handelman, who has broad experience in such cases, to help the family.

“There were willing to care for the baby at home and, to me, this is a reasonable request. To me, this is a question of who has the right to decide and I’m concerned the decisions that have been made set a precedence in place that the doctors now have more powers than they did in the past,” he said. “The balance of power has shifted too far. The courts have gone beyond where they belong.

“This was not an extraordinary request (to bring the baby home.)”

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  1. February 23, 2011 4:13 pm

    when you self proclaimed gods up there that call yourself doctors ,let this child die because of your arrogance and pride and completely off the wall courts and lawyers . Rather then try every alternative,it may take to save the babies life. I only hope and pray you all rot in hell for this.I am a disabled vet who fought for the right of life and freedom to enjoy that life. It sickens me to think that I did it all just to give people like you the opportunity to play god. CHANGE YOUR STUPID LAWS AND GET THAT CHILD BACK TO THE U.S. WHERE IT MAY STAND A CHANCE.HOW IN THE WORLD YOU PEOPLE CAN CAUSE THIS MUCH GRIEF ON THIS CHILDS FAMILY IS BEYOND BELEIF .WHEN DOES COMMON SENSE COME INTO PLAY. SAVE THIS CHILD OR ALL THOSE INVOLVED, GO TO HELL!!!!!

  2. Wommandham permalink
    August 1, 2011 2:03 am

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