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What is this world coming to? The Right to Life is Multifaceted!

March 1, 2011

We have people playing God all over the place these days. Most recently on this blog there have been a number of posts about baby Joseph Maraachli in Canada. The doctors and the courts have determined that it is Joseph’s time to die, by lethal injection no less! They have been persuaded not to kill him outright, but they will not give him a tracheotomy so that he can go home and die peacefully.

Then we have another baby in Canada who has been in a coma since birth last month in Nova Scotia. The mother realizes that her baby will not live, but again, the doctors have decided that now is the time to remove the baby’s life support against the mother’s wishes.

And now I received an email from another blogger about a family in Oregon.¬† Their 10 year old daughter, Alena, has rhabdomyosarcoma and they permitted their daughter to be part of a clinical trial. The girl’s cancer has gone into (miraculous) remission and yet the hospital refuses to remove her from the clinical trial! They are still subjecting her to the poisonous trial drugs and her poor little body is suffering even more. Her father tells the whole story on their CaringBridge journal.

Please pray for these children and their families and all the other children in similar predicaments, and pray for the medical and legal people who are making such poor decisions in these cases.

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  1. Mary permalink
    March 1, 2011 11:57 pm

    Thank you, Kathy. We have been praying for baby Joesph and other families in these very difficult situations. I suppose these are some of the heartwrenching reasons why our Lord went to the cross. +

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