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An Update on the Fr. Corapi accusation

March 28, 2011

12/4/2011 UPDATE: It appears Corapi has gone underground. Most of the links here are dead. His new website has not been updated since September 2011. All that is available to us now is prayer. Lord have mercy.

See the end for UPDATES.

As people continue to search for meaning and answers in this scandal that Fr. John Corapi is having to endure, please remember that constant prayer is the most important piece of the puzzle. Everyone is looking for new information, but it may be a long time before anything else is made available to us. The Catholic News Service posted a story today reviewing the statement from, Bobbi Ruffatto, vice president of operations at Santa Cruz Media, Inc., and they also spoke with the Diocese of Corpus Christi:

The investigation into the former Santa Fe Media employee’s claim has yet to begin, Father Sheehan added, because the two priests who will conduct the probe had not yet been named. Bishop Mulvey instructed the religious community to ask two priests who are not diocesan clergy and who are not members of the order to investigate the allegations.

In addition to Fr. Corapi’s programming being pulled from EWTN, his Catholic Charities fund-raiser that was to be held this past weekend in Illinois was also canceled.  The diocesan statement is here.

Deacon Greg Kandra wrote a blog post about the story last week on Patheos, as I’m sure there are many other useful posts out there on this matter. And as time goes on we will see the secular media catch on to the story and some will even distort it Fr. Stephen’s blog has shown.

So, pray. It’s our most important weapon in these trying times. Our mama, Mary, wears combat boots, the devil will not win, just keep sending the prayers her way.


I just found this opinion piece on the subject. The writer makes some very interesting observations.


3/31/2011 UPDATE : from


4/8/2011 UPDATE: from Fr. Corapi’s website:

Father Corapi on Administrative Leave – An Update from Rev. Michael Sullivan, J.C.L.

Fr. John Corapi has been suspended from priestly functions because of an accusation against him from a former employee. There seems to be a great deal of speculation and confusion regarding what this entails.

When an accusation arrives at the desk of a Religious Superior or a bishop, the procedure calls for a quick, confidential assessment as to the veracity of the accusation. With the advent of the Dallas Procedural Norms the necessary pieces of information required before imposing administrative leave varies from diocese to diocese and Order to Order. In most cases, if an accuser knows the name of the priest, the location at the time of the alleged incident and the year the priest was serving, the accusation is considered “credible.” The accused is supposed to be provided with the opportunity to respond to the accusations in a face-to-face meeting with his Superior prior to the imposition of suspension or administrative leave. In Father Corapi’s case, this never happened.

When a priest is on administrative leave he is to refrain from any public actions as a priest, such as offering Mass or hearing confessions, or from dressing as a priest in any public forum. The decree from his superiors clearly spells out limitations upon Fr. Corapi, but does not preclude him from speaking publicly provided he does not dress as a cleric and does not offer Mass publicly. Fr. John Corapi has observed these directives. Church bodies are to observe these limitations, though the order does not apply to lay organizations or Church organizations beyond the scope of what has been decreed.

Several Catholic media sources have removed Fr. Corapi from their outlets. This is over and above what is required by canon law and the Dallas Norms. Nothing in the order placing Father Corapi on administrative leave precludes distribution of previously recorded materials. Santa Cruz Media is in full compliance with Canon Law and the administrative leave under which Fr. Corapi is functioning.

Fr. Corapi is doing all in his power to cooperate and work with his Religious Society to see that this allegation is quickly cleared up and he is allowed to return to full ministry. The length of this administrative leave is strictly up to the Society and their process of inquiry before a decision is rendered.

We continue to ask everyone to pray for Fr. Corapi, for the accuser and for a quick resolution to this matter.

God bless you,

Rev. Michael Sullivan, J.C.L.

6/15/11 UPDATE from Fr. Corapi’s newsletter:

“I am not extinguished!”  – Fr. John Corapi

We understand many of you would like an update–any update–on the status of Fr. John Corapi.  Please be assured that as soon as Fr. Corapi updates us with the status of these events, we will utilize all avenues of communications to update you, his fans, and followers.  Recently, Fr. Corapi held an internal office meeting and informed us that he is “not extinguished!”  He expressed his continued desire to help deliver a message of hope to those who seek it and he informed us that by this weekend he will have a “very inportant announcement” that he plans on delivering on YouTube, Facebook, and through email.

We ask that you continue to lift him up in prayer and are encouraged for what lies ahead.

6/17/11 UPDATE

See Mark Shea’s blog post Corapi sets world record. Included is an audio of Fr. Corapi discussing the accusations and his future. I’m not sure what to think of this situation anymore. Please pray for Fr. C and all our priests. The devil is working overtime.

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  1. bridie droney permalink
    April 5, 2011 9:39 am

    Fr. Corapi its obvious you were doing something right, for Satan to get his claws into you but not to worry, Satan is no match for you, you can build rings around him, He better move on as he is dead in this one. May God Bless you and keep you in battle mode, dont give up we are all behind you here in Ireland and offering masses for you keep us in your prayers.Doing Holy Hour for you tomorrow night.Slà

  2. Anthony Ciaramella permalink
    April 11, 2011 2:37 am

    The Bible tells us that people may be judged by the fruit that they bear. Fr. Corapi has a history of moving tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of people toward Christ, loving others as themselves, and helping many people to keep their sense of hope when life’s tragedies bring them to the brink of despair. While we are all human and subject to temptation and sin…the accusations against Fr. Corapi just do not fit in any way with anything we know and love about him. I pray for Father, for all those who love him, for the accuser who knows whether her accusations are true or false…and mostly for the Church authorities to DO THE RIGHT THING…and allow the grace of God to guide them to a truly just, fair and timely resolution to these allegations. May God bless all who read this…no matter where you stand on the issue.

    • cindy siwek permalink
      June 8, 2011 9:19 am

      father corapi hasbougt me back to te truth from the first time isaw him years ago the holy spirit is withe him he shall be vindicated regardless i truly lovethis man he has done so much for so many people the devil is real imagine how much he would iove to destroy father corapi father my prayers are with you along with so many others as you know may God help you with your pain and heartbreak just remember all the battles horrific as the weere and are through the grace of God Jesus Holy Spirit i iove you ather corapi and i know im not alone with the thousands of others you have boght to the truth cindy.

  3. April 24, 2011 4:16 pm

    Stimiamo e apprezziamo il lavoro di P. Corapi e lo sosterremo con le nostre preghiere come sempre, fiduciosi che le porte degli inferi non prevarranno. E’ evidente che il maligno vuole ostacolare il suo nobile operato ma non vincerà! Dio benedica Padre Corapi e lo faccia tornare presto tra di noi. Ti vogliamo bene Padre Corapi e ti aspettiamo, sii forte perché la verità è con te!

    • catholicwideweb permalink
      April 24, 2011 4:43 pm

      translation via an online translation tool:
      We Esteem and appreciate the work of FR Corapi and support him with our prayers as always, confident that the gates of hell will not prevail. It is clear that the evil one wants to hinder his noble work but not win! God bless Father Corapi and it will return as soon as possible between us. You want good Father Corapi and we are waiting for you, be strong because the truth is with you!

  4. Tammy permalink
    April 30, 2011 10:03 am

    I found something of interest that some of you may want to google and read. (Updated Statement by SOLT Regional Priest Servant on Father Corapi
    ),…. Please read the post made on April 26th by Comment by mdstanzel on April 26, 2011 8:30 am

  5. Theresa permalink
    May 5, 2011 4:31 pm

    I along with so many others hope and pray that Fr. Corapi is innocent of these accusations. I was saddened by his seemingly defiant response in regard to comparing his situation to a pediophile – he is human; and is understandable, particularly if he is innocent. He too must pray for understanding and that the end result is God’s will – we can support that in prayer on Father’s behalf. I am thankful that the Catholic Church is waking up – the fact is as another Fr. states on the link in the aforementioned explanation – when there is such accusation one goes on administrative leave just like any other institution during investigation. My brother introduced me to Father’s Relevant Radio broadcasts only about a year ago and I miss listening to them – but I also expect them to get that much better once this is all over. Another site referenced that Fr. Corapi lives on a sprawling ranch in MT all funded by his web site. I am certainly not saying he should live in a shack but if it is in fact over the top and his “ranch” and property is not being used as part of serving the Lord, – would in fact be over the top and contradictory to Catholocism in general and the constant plea to virtue of charity. Over time I really wanted to purchase a number of his tape series – but they are too expensive. I have often thought but never asked the question why a priest would put such large price tags on such powerful messages when the goal is the next life and living on this earth as a soldier to Jesus , spreading his good news??!! He remains in my prayers and that of my families. I hope the investigation begins soon and is handled thoroughly and swiftly.

  6. Tammy permalink
    May 6, 2011 3:00 am

    Theresa, I do not believe Fr.Corapi was being defian, canon law used for Fr.Corapi’s leave is actually used when suspending priest when minors are involved. As we all know by now Fr.Corapi was accused of sexual exploits with adult women NOT minors. I think defiant is the wrong word here. I am also thankful that the church is waking up and realizing they need to change the way they conduct these types of allegations. I am certain the next priest accused of sexual exploits the church will not jump head first.In response to your question about fr.Corapi’s home on Montana. Several people who know Fr.Corapi have stated that he does NOT live on a sprawling ranch but a somewhat modest home tucked away. I’m not sure if Fr.Corapi bought his home with the money he was awarded but I am guessing that would make sense since he has been there for 11 years.Did you know that the church does not give Fr.Corapi money for living expenses and never has.I have also read that Fr.Corapi has always paid his own way all the way and on top of that has been very generous to many catholic charities. I have never thought father’s tapes were too much but I am willing to pay for something when it’s worth it. I do not think it is our place to judge a man who cannot defend himself in public.we should wait and see when the investigation concludes before deeming him guilty of anything.I am praying for Fr.Corapi and his return.

  7. am bretl permalink
    May 23, 2011 4:30 pm

    my mother used to always tell us,that it is the woman’s fault..

  8. Petrea permalink
    May 24, 2011 11:12 pm

    Oh its the sign of the times, Did christ warn us that his followers will be litzedand percsucuted because of his Holy name.
    Sorry times.

    While Criminals and Villians get of scot free,

    Remember Hitler, He was worshiped

  9. Kay Koester permalink
    May 26, 2011 10:03 pm

    I do not believe a priest like father corapi who speakes of Our Lady and Jesue Christ in the Eucharist the way he does is guilty. Yes, there are may priests who are guilty, my gut feeling and praying for him everyday tells me no no no,
    God love him and bring him back.

  10. June 14, 2011 5:07 am

    Yes I am not pleased with this bishop or order heads what have you. Because, as someone said above he is not being accused of immoral behaviour with minors but adult women. THAT should be dealt with as it was done years ago and NOT like cases with minors – they should not be grouped in the same category at all! Any adult with a grudge could come up and spout off that a priest had immoral behavior; that doesn’t mean that the priest should have to stop his valuable ministry – nothing should be done unless OTHER women start coming forward and we see a pattern. I hope this shows that the bishop is right OUT OF LINE! And the order leaders as well – Do you know Pope St Clement says that jealousy covers the earth like the waters cover the sea! Aye THERE’s THE RUB!

  11. June 26, 2011 4:52 pm

    Padre Corapi. Vi voglio un mondo di bene. Tutte le accuse contro di voi sono opera di satana. Vi tengo vicino nelle mie preghiere. Avete portato speranza, perdono, e luce Divina nella mia vita di un peccatore qualunque. Che il Signore vi benedica. Che lo Spirito Divino vi dia forza e vi faccia uscire vincitore da questa lotta contro il maligno.

    • catholicwideweb permalink
      June 26, 2011 5:39 pm

      Italian to English translation

      Father Corapi. I want a world of good. All the charges against you are the work of Satan. I keep you close in my prayers. You have brought hope, forgiveness, and Divine light in my life as a sinner whatsoever. May the Lord bless you. May the Divine Spirit give you strength and make you emerge victorious from this struggle against evil.

  12. godfrey permalink
    July 4, 2011 12:35 am

    Fr Corapi has brought back to Christ and His Church so many souls, that were lost. The devil, who never spared, the Perfect One, subjected Him to sufferings, at His Birth, Passion and Death, could not hold Him down at His Ressurection, He rose triumphant, so also Fr. Corapi, will come through this difficult phase.
    No man has left such an impact as Christ, 2000 years later, there are people, who still make money writing, or producing movies, trying to defame Christ, but we His Church, are strong, tolerant and peacemakers, so we stand by Fr. Corapi and invoke Our Blessed Mother, who he has a great devotion for and St Michael, the protector, from the devil, to save our innocent Priest, like Fr. Corapi and that the Spirit of God, penetrate through the accuser, with knowledge and understanding
    of her actions.
    We pray for Fr. Corapi and all involved, for our Priests, our Bishops and Our Holy Father. Lord hold their hands and walk with them.

    God Bless


  13. September 8, 2011 4:30 am

    God Bless You Father Corapi..May the Blessed Virgin Mother wrap Her arms around you and keep you safe. Amen.

  14. elena permalink
    April 20, 2012 5:20 pm

    Dear Fr. Carapi I will Keep yiu in my prayers always. May the good Lord give you peace and love. I love adoration and is very poweful . With all my heart Elena

  15. Tom Laz permalink
    April 25, 2012 10:34 pm

    Fr. Corapi: I repeat all of the prior comments and prayers in this post. I cannot believe someone who has your background, been where you were and did what you did prior to your “epiphany” would fall back after so many years of doing God’s work. I have always been moved by your sermons on the radio on Relevant Radio in Chicago and I agree especially that when you are the voice of the Lord, Satan is not happy and now uses this method to discredit God’s messenger. I believe once ordained and annointed, you really can’t quit being a priest as you are marked on your soul as one of God’s special workers. I can understand the going underground for a while, but I hope this is really a form of private contemplation and prayer and you will be making your own triumphant return to bring God’s message to the world. You are the modern Bishop Sheen and the flock is worse because of your absence. Please consider returning shortly. Tom Laz

  16. Carol permalink
    May 29, 2012 12:52 am

    Fr. Corapi – You were an exceptionally strong influence in my husband converting to Catholicism after many years. We scheduled our time to make sure we would not miss your dynamic talks on your EWTN shows. We both miss you and your spiritual messages. No one is perfect, but I believe you are a gifted man whom God loves.

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