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Birth Choice Fundraising Dinner with Michael Reagan in Troy, MI

July 2, 2011

Oakland County, Michigan, has a new pregnancy resource center called Birth Choice. It is located in Clarkston, MI. They are actively trying to raise funds to get their center rolling.

First, quick background for those who don’t know about us.  Last summer, Mr. Shannon Wygant found out that an abortionist had opened doors in Clarkston, running a business that calls itself “healthcare” but only accepts cash for compensation.  It soon became obvious that abortions were being performed regularly there.
Shannon had a meeting about this time last year, and over 50 people showed up for it.  We all wanted to help in some way.  Mrs. Debbie Riccardo organized a huge community of people to pray in front of the abortion clinic along with the “40 Days for Life” campaign, and we had people from all different faiths praying together throughout the fall, including a visit and prayer vigil from Archbishop Allen Vigneron.
God heard our prayers, and with some generous donors and lots of prayers, we opened up “Birth Choice Pregnancy Resource Center” in an office in the same small building as the abortionist.  We are now able to offer free pregnancy tests, counseling, and soon hope to obtain an ultrasound (stats say that 80-90% who see their babies on ultrasound choose life for them).
We knew that if there was a need for an abortionist in our area, there was a need for a crisis pregnancy center that would offer the choice for life.
Now that the center is up and running it is in need of constant funding. One of the events coming up is a dinner with Michael Reagen, speaking on the blessing of all human life. The evening’s MC will be Chuck Gaidica. This event will be August 11 in Troy, MI. See the Birth Choice Reagen Dinner Flier for more information.
If you can support this center in any way please click here.
And if you are in or near Oakland County, Michigan, and you need assistance, their pregnancy hotline is 248-620-5353.
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  1. Andrea Maciejewski permalink
    July 11, 2012 10:59 pm

    I never knew you did this. Thank you. God bless you! Please contact me about our Rick Santorum event.. you should be there…

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