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The Chesterton Conference and Local Societies

August 9, 2011

I just returned from the Chesterton Conference in St. Louis. What a great conference! What great fellowship! Chestertonians are a great group of people. I thoroughly enjoyed the talks and the fellowship.

Dale Ahlquist auctioning off his portrait at the Saturday night banquet.

Sean Dailey, the editor-in-chief of Gilbert Magazine, made some blow by blow posts as the conference progressed, that is until the wi-fi connection fizzled out on him. All of the speakers put such great effort into their talks.

The vendor hallway at the Chesterton Conference

I ended up buying the collection of talks on CD to be able to listen to them again in the future. I’m sure they will show up at this link for sale in the near future. The talks were recorded by St. Joseph Radio.

Curtain call for the play, Magic (notice Dale's portrait in the set)

Afterglow party

It was a very warm and humid weekend in St. Louis. The afterglow parties were always out on the patio and everything had a lovely dampness about it.

One of the breakout sessions on Saturday was about local Chesterton Societies. What needs to be done to start one and what are some success stories of the active societies. You can find a list of local societies here, and as that page says, if there isn’t one in your area then its time to start one. There doesn’t appear to be one in Southeastern Michigan, so I created a Facebook page to see what kind of local interest there is.

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  1. August 9, 2011 4:47 pm

    Thank you for that fine report!

    -Sean Dailey

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