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Guardian Angel Wellness Newsletter

October 9, 2011

Hello Catholic Wide Web readers! I would like to introduce you to my new venture. I am a health and wellness coach now and I have a newsletter available to all. Each month offers health and wellness tips and ideas as well as healthy recipes to try. You can sign up for it here.

As a Catholic health and wellness coach I believe that God created us body and soul, and if we follow the natural laws that He gave us we can be spiritually and bodily healthy. Since I have been studying wellness and natural healing, I have really tuned in to how others perceive health. Most of us think that sickness just happens to us; we are “unlucky”  if an illness befalls us. Actually sickness has more to do with the lifestyle and food choices we make. We’ve all heard the phrase “you are what you eat.” If we eat garbage, our body starts to turn into garbage.

Poor nutrition impacts the body in many ways. It can lead to cancer or diabetes or heart disease, etc. It can also cause arthritis and mood swings and headaches, among other problems. All of our bodily systems get clogged up and then start to break down. BUT, God gave us this amazing healing body! If we start to treat it with care we can turn most of the damage around. Just like if you get a cut on your hand; if you keep it clean, it heals itself. Well, if we eat clean, healthy foods and live a clean, healthy life the whole body can heal itself.

So, please join me on my wellness journey. We need to nourish our soul and the temple of our soul so that we can do God’s work as long as he allows us to walk on this earth.

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