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More on Parental Rights – Ban Manadatory Mental Health Screenings

December 12, 2011

Recently I posted a video from a group supporting parental rights. Parents in some situations in the United States are having their children forcibly removed from their homes because they refused to do what the government says concerning their child’s welfare.

Case in point, the Justice for Maryanne Godboldo Facebook page states:

Our parental rights are being undermined. Maryanne Godboldo sought to provide the best health care for her child; she disagreed with The State of Michigan, Department of Human Services and Child Protective Services’ demand that she medicate her child. On March 24th Maryanne was forced to protect she and her daughter in the wake of an over-reaction by Child Protective Services and the Detroit Police officers on the scene. Providing health care for one’s children is not something that should be surrendered to any state authority.

In March 2011, Maryanne was jailed and her daughter was taken away after police and social services demanded she medicate her child. Just today, eight months later, it looks the case made be over and in Maryanne’s favor. But CPS and the drug companies are not happy with the out come. Please pray that Maryanne and her daughter can live in peace now. Please go to the Justice for Maryanne website to see the whole story.

Ron Paul even mentioned Maryanne and her story in his latest Monday Straight Talk segment, he too is for banning mandatory mental health screening. We must keep our families safe and make our own educated decisions on when to medicate. The family is the core of society. Don’t let that core be dismantled.

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