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The Democratic war on Women just keeps growing

April 12, 2012

First we had Sandra Fluke, a law “student” plant at Georgetown University,  telling Congress and the world that she wants her cherry-picked university to pay for her $3000 a year contraception habit, and now another Democratic women’s libber is attacking Ann Romney for being a stay at home mom who, as a result, can’t possibly comprehend the real world.

In the world of Democratic “choice” a woman’s career path options are limited to that which she can do outside the home. Raising children is either something to be left for the daycare staff, or better yet, just prohibit children from entering your life altogether by contracepting or if that fails then abortion. In her apology to Mrs. Romney, the Democratic strategist, Hilary Rosen, said that her initial piece was really meant to be about the poor waitress moms who can’t make ends meet.

How does any of this help the poor waitress mom? How do free contraception drugs and bashing SAHMs help the poor moms? In one breath the “pro-women’s rights” people say it’s about equal pay issues with men and in the next breath it’s about what constitutes a “real” woman. Why does a “real” woman have to work outside the home to be real? Many a time I heard new mothers who just got back to work after maternity leave say to their co-workers, “I miss my baby.” And the co-workers reply, “Don’t worry, you’ll get over it.” Get over missing your baby? How sad.

We have “advanced” to a point in this world where normal is considered abnormal; it is even ridiculed. If one is too tied to modern culture these days they are brainwashed into believing all sorts of misguided ideas, most of which go against the moral teachings of the Church. What is your moral guide? What is the source of your belief system? Who should raise your children? Do you think you’re an incomplete person if you don’t fit into societies “norms”?

Understand the battles going on around us. It is a battle for the soul. Don’t sell your soul to the devil. Just because everybody’s doing it doesn’t make it right. The Left keeps saying that the Right has a war on women because of some made up contraception issue. In reality, the war is on motherhood and the family. If the central building blocks of society are destroyed then the children and society as a whole are free to be manhandled and manipulated.

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