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What’s the Best Way to Evangelize?

October 17, 2012

I am slowly getting involved in the evangelization effort at my parish. It kind of happened by accident, or a God-cident(?). My sister-in-law is now the parish secretary and she is in the midst of all parish activity. One day a man came to the parish office asking who represented our parish at the vicariate level on the evangelization committee, apparently he didn’t have anyone on his list. My sister-in-law suggested my name and, well, I’m on an evangelization learning curve now, and all things evangelization spark my interest.

Heather King is a relatively new Magnificat contributor and I have been really enjoying her insights. I recently discovered her web presence and now I can read more of her thoughts. Here she offers a great post on how to and how not to evangelize:

Recently my priest friend Tom Hall (who, as you may remember, just walked part of the Camino) sent me this link. It’s a story about a 26-year-old guy named Nick Kleckner who, having discovered that material goods didn’t nourish his soul,decided to walk 2600 miles across America, starting in Jacksonville, Florida, with little more than an ipod and a cell phone, fasting until given food to eat, receiving and giving, communing with the homeless. A kind of modern-day Peace Pilgrim, he ended up in Southern California’s (of course) Huntington Beach.

continued here

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