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How many of you are the Black Sheep in your family, religion-wise?

November 19, 2012

I am following a friend’s facebook post about her father’s disappointment in her life choices. She is a Catholic Worker. A vow of poverty is involved; it’s not an easy life, but it is a spiritually rewarding life. In that post many others shared similar stories. One man’s grandfather was disappointed in his grandson’s choice to become a pastor like his father. He should have done something “practical” like computer programming. But on his death bed, the grandfather had a change of heart, and told he grandson that he made the right choice.

I became a “religious freak” several years ago. I found God, and I wanted everyone else to find the same joy. Sure, I didn’t have the most Christian approach to sharing my joy in the early days, but when people told me that this is a phase that will pass I told them I hope not! Finding God should never be a phase.

I recently attended a Called & Gifted Workshop by the Catherine of Siena Institute. It was about discerning our charisms. The discernment process involves finding the things that we do that give us joy, we are good at, AND work toward the building up of God’s kingdom.

Pop culture has influenced the masses to amass wealth, stuff and popularity, and to never mind about the spiritual and moral side of life. Are you the counter-culture for the people around you?

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