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Finding Benjaman – Do you know this man?

November 20, 2012

Today Yahoo! had a news article about all of the John Doe’s floating around. These are people who have no clue who they are and no one else seems to be looking for them. Not only do these people have no memories, they also have no Social Security number that they can recall, and without a SSN you can’t even check a book out of the library in this country. These John Doe’s also can’t spend the night in a homeless shelter because they too need a valid ID. Do you know of someone who just “disappeared”? Why not file a missing persons report to help one of these people out?

One person who is struggling in this no man’s land is a John Doe who calls himself Benjaman Kyle. He made the news for a little while and then when no great reunion occurred to keep him newsworthy his story got dropped and he wandered streets until a young film maker ran across his Dr. Phil story three years later.

This is a trailer for the documentary about him:

Here’s a TV news clip about Benjaman:

And go to to see the nine minute documentary that John Wikstrom filmed about Benjaman. There you can also find out how else you can help. Most importantly, spread the message.

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