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Have you ever been on a CRHP Retreat?

January 31, 2013

CRHPI am on the planning team for our newly clustered parish’s CRHP Retreat next month. CRHP is Christ Renews His Parish. My parish has never done a CRHP, but our new clustered parish has been doing them for years. My pastor volunteered me for this task. I had no idea what was involved, but I am starting to get involved with the evangelization committee at our parish and it seemed like a good fit.

The team is a group of nine women plus the pastor. We meet weekly and we pray and get to know each other. We are a month away from the retreat and the tempo is starting to pick up as we work to get everything in order to put on a good retreat.

Myself and another woman from my home parish have never been on a CRHP retreat, but all of the others have. When I asked what the flow of the weekend will be like, the pastor said let it be a surprise. I was kind of taken aback because I am on the planning team after all, but the essence of CRHP is renewal, a renewal that comes from experiencing the weekend for itself.

And so, I will be a team member and a participant as well, since this will be my first CRHP retreat.

The  following post explains it well:

Christ Renews His Parish a Male Perspective

It was after weeks of gently pushing, kindly suggesting, and politely begging that my wife convinced me to attend a “church retreat”.   I decided to trust her. (Sometimes those closest to us know what we need better than we do.)  I was on a business trip in Seattle, when I stepped out on the hotel balcony to enjoy the night air and stare at the stars over the bay when I decided I needed to go to CRHP.   I stepped outside that night to think about my life, my job, my family, and my faith.  All of those generic esoteric questions that I was pondering would soon have an answer.

A lot of the men who have experienced the greatness of a CRHP retreat have similar stories.

Even though I agreed to go, when I arrived, I was still reluctant to participate.  Who wants to go grunt and beat drums, and share feelings?  Besides, I go to Mass every Sunday with my wife.  I have plenty of great friends. That’s enough, right?  I mean, it was during football season. . . .

So much in this life will always remain a mystery, our Church unabashedly calls them Mysteries, and as such, parts of CRHP should remain a mystery, until you experience it. I will say all of this is available to you, but you have to say “Yes”.

Let’s fast forward past CRHP at what I have gained because I said “Yes”.

I  have friends.  I have real friends, in almost every seating section at nearly every Mass.  Most of them are older than I am.  Most of them grew up in different eras, and different parts of the country.  Some of them have had similar struggles as me.  Some of them are converts like me. Some have had to go through annulments like me. Some have had much tougher struggles than I have. I respect them all.  They aren’t the same generic parishioners to me when I was just going to Mass; they are Charlie, Keith, Chris, Bob, and Ryan. I know their names.   They are great men that I respect and value in my life.
I gained perspective.

I gained a renewed confidence in my faith.

I have a renewed understanding of my relationships.

I have a renewed sense of Whose I am.

I have an even better marriage.  (If your wife has already attended, she will understand)

I didn’t have to grunt, or beat drums, or really even share my feelings, but what I did find was a renewed energy and desire to deepen my faith.  I didn’t know that night in Seattle what I was searching for, but it was simple. . . all I had to do was say yes to CRHP.

 I encourage everyone to go to CRHP.  If you doubt me, then go ahead and sign up,  I dare you.
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