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How has GK Chesterton been Instrumental in your Spiritual Journey?

December 5, 2013


In today’s American Chesterton Society newsletter is a request for testimonials concerning GK Chesterton and his impact on your spiritual journey. The investigation for his potential cause was opened earlier this year, and Fr. John Udris, the appointed investigator, now needs to hear from you! In order for the cause to progress we need to demonstrate that there is an enthusiastic devotion to Chesterton.

So consider how GK has touched your spiritual life. Was Chesterton instrumental in bringing you into the Catholic Church, either as a convert or a revert? Did his writings awaken the faith in you or deepen your spirituality? Do you have evidence of Chesterton’s intercession in your prayer intentions? If so, please write a brief testimonial and send it to Fr. Udris. Father’s email is chesterton(at), and please copy the American Chesterton Society as well: info(at) (Change the (at)’s in the email addresses to @.)

Please share!

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