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Dads – Let St. Joseph be your Fatherly Example

March 18, 2014

Here is a sermon on fatherhood, both spiritual fatherhood and physical fatherhood. The family is the core unit of society and the father’s position in it is critical. Dads, you have a mission from God to be a good example for your family, how you live your worldly life and more importantly, how you live your spiritual life. Tomorrow is the Feast of St. Joseph, husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary and foster father of Jesus, what do you know about St. Joseph?

stJosephHere is a brief story on St. Joseph that is in my parish’s recent quarterly newsletter:

We celebrate St. Joseph’s feast day on March 19, and St. Joseph the Worker on May 1, but who is St. Joseph? We know he is the spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the foster father of our Lord, Jesus Christ. He has a brief appearance in the infancy Gospels and then he’s gone. But just as Jesus and Mary were prefigured in the Old Testament, we also find that Joseph was as well. St. Joseph’s namesake in the Old Testament, the favorite son of Jacob, the one who had the coat of many colors, has a lot of parallels with St. Joseph. Both had fathers named Jacob, both went into Egypt, and both received revelations of God through dreams (Genesis 37). Because of these parallels many Josephite theologians are of the opinion that St. Joseph was assumed into heaven, similar, but not the same as the Virgin Mary; according to Genesis 50:23, Moses brought the bones of Joseph to the Promised Land, and so, St. Joseph likewise was assumed into the heavenly Promised Land.

While our Blessed Mother is the Immaculate Conception, she was conceived without original sin; St. Joseph received his own kind holiness. According to Jewish law, since he and Mary were betrothed, and she was found to be with child before they lived together, Joseph could have legally had her stoned and incurred no guilt as a result, but because he was a righteous man he decided to quietly divorce her instead, and so he would have assumed some of her guilt. As we know though, the angel came to him in a dream and he kept Mary as his wife. Further, according to the Josephite theologians, Joseph, being a trusting and faithful man of God, is second only to Mary in terms of saintly honor and respect. This devotion to St. Joseph grew very slowly over the centuries, when finally in the 1400’s Pope Sixtus IV added him to the Roman calendar. This devotion continued to grow, and today he is the patron of the Universal Church. His humility and charity are great obstacles to the devil who is constantly attacking both the universal and domestic churches. Therefore, we need to call on St. Joseph for all of our needs. Learn more about St. Joseph and devotion to him in the Lighthouse Catholic Media CD, St. Joseph: The Patron of the Universal Church available in the back of the church.

And here’s the excellent sermon on fatherhood:

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