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Gimme Shelter – the 2013 Movie, Fantastic!

September 21, 2014

I’ve been wanting to see Gimme Shelter for a while now, and I finally got to see it. Fantastic!

gimmeshelterA pregnant teenager, Apple,  finally gets the courage to runaway from her druggie mom. Apple has been through the system, many times, and it’s let her down every time. She trusts no one, yet she knows that there is more to life and she goes in search of her dad. She makes her way to his mansion and, of course, he and his wife are leery of her and her rough and tumble appearance and attitude. Then, Apple is back on the streets after she runs away from her dad’s wife who takes her to an abortion clinic, to make her “problem” go away. Now she’s hit rock bottom and she pleads with God to help her. He does, via a car accident. She ends up in a hospital and encounters Fr. McCarthy, the hospital chaplain. After some initial conversation he suggests a shelter, but Apple has already experienced enough shelters and wants no part of it, as she already told her father, she wants out of the system. In the end she has no choice; her mother reconnects with her and is eager to get a bigger welfare check with the addition of a new baby in the family. Mother continues to harass Apple until a final climax. Finally we get to see Apple relax and find a family with her shelter sisters.

It’s a sad, but tender story. Kathy, the shelter mother, is obviously Catholic. There are Rosaries and Crucifixes scattered all through her home which is the shelter. Gimme Shelter is a story of hope and salvation. Apple hopes for better things and divine intervention puts her in the right place to connect with Fr. McCarthy who gets her to her new family.

This movie needs more people to see it. It cost over $7 million to make and it barely made $1.3 at the box office. We need more movies like this, but we have to go out and see them so that they continue to make them.

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