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Evangelization – Yesterday & Today

October 17, 2015

Why is it awesome and fantastic that saints such as St. Francis de Sales (The Catholic Controversy: A Defense of the Faith) were able to evangelization and convert the Calvinists of Geneva in the 1500’s, but today we think that evangelization is the job of the Holy Spirit?

Why do some Catholics think that the Church needs to be “purified” of the lukewarm or cafeteria Catholics because their complaints are muddying our holy water?

Why are so many people afraid of the word “evangelization”?

How can we evangelize if we won’t talk about our relationship with Jesus? Maybe we don’t have a relationship with Jesus to talk about? What is a relationship with Jesus?

Is Jesus a real part of our life, and not just a name we use when exasperated?

How do we develop a relationship with Jesus? How do we develop a relationship with anyone? Isn’t communication a key component? How do we communicate with Jesus? How do we communicate with anyone?

What is the best way to communicate? Wouldn’t that be sharing stories from the heart? Sure not everybody can share their deepest thoughts with everyone, but if we think them then Jesus knows about them. Why don’t we take our thoughts a step further and share them with Christ?!

Did you ever receive a miracle, a saving grace, an ah-ha moment? Wouldn’t you consider those a gift from God? God communicates back to us in little miracles. He communicates to us via our conversations with others; via spiritual reading. Don’t those miracles give us a heavenly high?! Don’t you just want to share them with everyone? THAT is evangelizing!

Sharing Jesus. Yes, we have Catholic doctrine and sacraments and THE MASS! But we also have our little moments with Jesus. Share them! Bring others to Christ, today!

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