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Saintly Quotes

“Receiving the Eucharist means adoring Him whom we receive. Only in this way do we become one with Him, and are given, as it were, a foretaste of the beauty of the heavenly liturgy. The act of adoration outside Mass prolongs and intensifies all that takes place during the liturgical celebration itself.” ~ Benedict XVI

“The fundamentalists are funny enough, and the funniest thing about them is their name. For, whatever else the fundamentalist is, he is not fundamental. He is content with the bare letter of Scripture—the translation of a translation, coming down to him by the tradition of a tradition—without venturing to ask for its original authority.” ~ GK Chesterton: ‘All is Grist.’

“It is true to say that Thomas [Aquinas] was a very great man who reconciled religion with reason, who expanded it towards experimental science, who insisted that the senses were the windows of the soul and that the reason had a divine right to feed upon facts, and that it was the business of Faith to digest the strong meat of the toughest and most practical of pagan philosophies.” ~~ G.K. Chesterton (St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Francis of Assisi)

“It is better to accustom ourselves to seek God in everything we do, than to spend a long time in prayer” – St. Ignatius of Loyola

Put a good bunch of grapes under the wine press and a delicious juice will come out. Under the wine press of the Cross, our soul produces a juice that feeds and strengthens us. When we haven’t got any crosses, we are dry. If we carry them with resignation, what happiness, what sweetness we feel! ~ St. John Vianney

“Don’t let your life be barren. Be useful. Make yourself felt. Shine forth with the torch of your faith and your love. With your apostolic life, wipe out the trail of filth and slime left by the corrupt sowers of hatred. And set aflame all the ways of the earth with the fire of Christ that you bear in your heart.” ~~ Josemaria Escriva

Our body is like a donkey that we must take a stick to, so as to subdue it, but not so much that it throws us to the ground and refuses to carry us. ~~ St. Padre Pio

“Prayer is the oxygen of the soul.” ~~ St. Padre Pio

When all that goes to make up a man’s being has become lovingly one with God, then all the soul’s cries are hushed, and the unrest of longing and of acting has ceased. — Fr. John Tauler, O.P. (+1361)

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