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That Catholic Wellness book I keep typing about…

February 20, 2019

It has been a work in progress for too many years, sad to say. My mind circles on the endless thoughts and notes I have been generating. It also circles on the “who am I?” to write such a book. And then there is the “how to I narrow it down” to a manageable, focused book. And so I think, no, I know, that I am ready. This is the year. I have mountains of notes; I just need to organize them in to ten or so chapters.

This will have to be book One of several. I hope and pray that there will be a following for them once they get published. This first book will appeal to the wellness mindset of Catholics who are interested in natural healing.  Natural healing is a gift from God. All healing is a gift from God, but this will be about using mostly God’s nature-based tool set instead of exclusively the man made tool set.

Healing with God involves many aspects. Trusting in God is key. The healing power of Confession is also key. We can carry a lot of heavy emotional baggage with our unforgiven sins, so heavy that they can weigh us down physically as well as spiritually. Then we need to acknowledge that God gave us all the tools we need: sleep, foods, movement, community, prayer, the sacraments, etc. How we use these tools, how we consider these tools, is part of our wellness plan or lack there of. For instance, food isn’t just something that is supposed to taste good and satisfy our hunger pains. We need more than pleasure and calories from the foods we choose to consume. Food is supposed to be nourishing and provide the building blocks required to sustain and repair our body.

Of course, we mustn’t focus only on bodily wellness. Our wellness plan can’t be the center of our existence; God is. Getting to heaven is. But, if we are well nourished our body and our mind function better, and a well functioning mind can help us to focus on our prayer life better.

We also need to be aware of the sources of our food and drink, the sources of our day to day purchases. Are we complicit in the culture of death by purchasing things that were created in darkness? Even the most average things can be made by slave labor; made with, God-forbid, aborted baby parts. Purchasing these kinds of products hurts the humans on the production side, but it also hurts us, even unknowingly, on the purchaser side. We need to be aware.

I went to a conference last fall. It basically focused on angels and demons and how our prayer life indicates if we have more angels or demons around us. It also talked about possession. Long story short, we can connect with demons in the most unwitting ways, say for example getting a tattoo. While I don’t think tattoos are healthy on any level, the speaker made a point that I hadn’t considered: the tattoo artist may have put a curse on the ink he uses to decorate your body! What else in our world of purchases may be cursed? Again, we need to be aware of all these things and spray all of our purchases with Holy Water.

Many things can damage our health. We need to be aware of this and pray to make the correct choices every day.

This is a tiny subset of my mind for this book. I would appreciate your prayers as I continue on this book writing journey. Come Holy Spirit Come!

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